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Hotel Millwork & Upholstery in Nashville

The A&W team merges elegance and luxury to create
an unforgettable experience for your space.


The Hotel Experience: Millworking and Upholstery

First impressions matter.

When you walk into a hotel, you want to be captivated by the luxury and high-quality finishes. With A&W custom hotel millwork and upholstery – that’s exactly how your guests will feel. Whatever designs you could imagine, we will bring them to life. Custom upholstery creates a personalized and intimate experience for your customers to make them want to come back time and time again.

Hotel Upholstery

Creating Hotel Luxury

There are two ways you can add architectural flair to your hotel: millwork and upholstery. Hotel millworking creates thoughtful accents and details that bring a room together. While hotel upholstery adds a customized and rich feel to your space

Hotel Millwork

Custom millwork can add a flair  to any space within a hotel. When designing millwork for a hotel, how your guests will experience the space should be considred. Creating a custom and personalized experience is one way to bring in loyal and returning customers.

The team at A&W can help your business choose the type of millwork that works best for your needs and design ideas. From start to finish, we can guide you through the process.

Hotel Millwork
Hotel Furniture Upholstery

Hotel Upholstery

The quality of furniture and finishings in a hotel is an indicator of the quality of the venue. If you have high-quality furnishings and upholstery for your guests, they are more likely to think highly of your brand.

At A&W, we want to help you create a unique and luxurious feel for your furniture. Deciding on fabrics and finishings can be stressful, but our team can help you bring your vision to life.

The Hotel Millwork and Upholstery Experience

Working with a mom-and-pop shop provides a different experience for your clients that larger hotel millwork companies simply can’t offer. Our clients experience the magic that happens when their ideas meet our team. Bringing functional and refined creations to life and placed straight into your space.

Design Session

We will delve into what and how you envision the final product. Once we go over all the details, our team will take over, and you can watch the magic happen


Our dedicated team will take care of all your millwork and upholstery needs. We will bring your ideas to life using quality materials and thoughtful planning.


Your finished millwork and upholstery will be delivered and installed right into your hotel by our team. This means no stress for you – we’ve got you covered.

Quality Promise,
Quality Service

Hotel Millwork Companies


When working with A&W for your hotel millworking and upholstery needs, we ensure you have everything as quickly as possible.


Hotel upholstery and millwork should be high-quality to last your business years and years; that’s why we only use the highest-quality materials.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Our expert team is highly skilled in creating luxurious pieces for your hotel needs and desires.


Our team has over 50 years of experience in delivering high-quality hotel millwork and upholstery for our clients across TN.

Delivery Service

There’s no need to stress about delivery. At A&W, we offer a streamlined delivery service, so all you need to do is choose a time and place.

In House
Short-Term Storage

If you can’t install a piece straight away, we can store it in our short-term storage facility until you need it.

Ready to start your hotel millwork and upholstery project? Get a free quote!

Ready to start your hotel millwork and upholstery project? Get a free quote!

Not only do custom pieces fit the space they were made for, but they create a unique feel for guests that will make the hotel memorable. Utilizing design elements and opportunities for your space ensures that rooms flow.

Cohesive and comfortable environments don’t have to be boring. A&W custom millwork and upholstery means you get the best of both worlds in your hotel.

Elevate Guest Experience

When you choose to work with us at A&W, you have decided to invest in your guest experience. Placing customer needs at the front of the design process guarantees a striking appearance, with all the functionality a guest could need.

A&W is your go-to for all hotel millwork and upholstery needs. We prioritize your customers' and guests' experiences alongside the design elements to create an elevated space that they won't forget.

We service Middle Tennessee, from Mount Pleasant to Nashville, and everywhere in between.

Start Your Transformation Today

When you place your guest experience at the same level as your design needs, you can create an elevated and luxurious space. Custom hotel millwork and upholstery from A&W ensures you get both functional and enhanced pieces for your needs. With over 50 years of experience as a millwork and upholstery company, we can help tailor every project to our clients’ wants and needs. Get a free quote below if you’re looking to refine your hotel with custom millwork and upholstery.