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Architectural & Interior Millwork Nashville

Creating beautiful designs you will fall
in love with time and time again.


Your Local Architectural Millwork Company

Luxury is in every detail.

At A&W, we build for purpose using quality materials. This is no different for our architectural millwork offering. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with every piece and enjoy the quality craftsmanship for years to come. We bring a new perspective to your space to help you transform what was into what could be.

Interior Millwork

Tailored Interior Millwork

Designing interior millwork is only part of the work. Our  experienced team has a detailed knowledge of the design practices, techniques, and processes that go into constructing architectural millwork.

Consultation & Design

The first step in your journey is the consultation. Here, we’ll delve into what you envision for your finished product, and collaborate to bring it to life.


Our team will take over here and begin to craft your millwork vision. We’ll take care to create everything exactly how you envisioned, using only the highest quality materials.


Now that we’re created your tailored pieces, it’s time to install at your premises. You can relax here – we take care of all the hard work. Now, you can relish your architectural millwork feature in its new home.

Unparalleled Service, Every Time

Working with a mom-and-pop shop provides a different experience for your clients. Clients benefit from our full incorporation of their ideas and dreams in our design process.

Architectural Millwork


We understand the importance of quality designs – so we get them to you as soon as possible.


We only use the highest-quality materials to ensure your product is durable, and long lasting.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Crafting millwork requires craftsmanship, and our team of experts have the quality and skill needed to create your vision.


Our team have over 50 years of exprience in delivering high-quality architectural millwork for our clients across TN.

Delivery Service

Delivery can be difficult for some, and that’s why we offer a streamlined delivery service to put you at ease.

In House
Short-Term Storage

Once a piece is designed, it stays in our short-term storage facility on the premises - so you don’t need to rush to organize transport.

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Servicing Clients From All Industries

Builders and Contractors

At A&W, we proudly work with builders and contractors to supply custom architectural millwork for their projects. We’ll ensure you enjoy quality craftsmanship and a seamless customer experience.


If you’re a hospitality venue looking to revamp and indulge in a bit of luxury - architecturtal millwork by A&W is exactly what you’re looking for. Our custom millwork elevates your space to new heights.


We work with independent designers to create the highest-quality, one of a kind millwork pieces to suit any space. These refined details add comfort and richness to any interior design.

Start Your Transformation Today

Details can make or break a space. Deciding how to elevate your space isn’t easy, but we can help. Detailing and tailored pieces are an excellent way to add a beautiful custom feel to any room. Unlike other architectural woodworking companies, we at A&W have over 50 years of experience to tailor every project to our client’s exact needs. If you’re looking to revamp and refresh your space with new architectural millwork, fill out the form below for a free quote.