Transform your space with custom-built wood furniture and architectural elements that leave a lasting impression.


Bring your design vision to life with high-quality custom upholstery, tailored to your specifications.

Upholstery Nashville

Curated Upholstery Services

When it comes to furnishings, every detail matters. Luxury, comfort, and elegance are guaranteed when you work with us. Our team at A&W is experienced in working with detailed pieces and have the skills and knowledge to create only the highest quality finished products.

Design Consultation

To start your project, we need to know your vision for the finished piece. From here, we can collaborate with you to bring that idea to life.

Creation Phase

Our team will begin by using high-quality materials to craft your pieces. From studs to leather, quality is woven into everything we create.


It’s time for your pieces to be installed – our team will take care of this. Storage, delivery, and installation is included in all our upholstery services.

Create Endless Upholstery Opportunities

Hotel Upholstery

High-quality finishings make your space feel luxurious. Custom upholstery can create a personalized and intimate experience that makes your guests come back to your hotel time and time again.

Furniture is an essential part of the atmosphere in areas such as the lobby or function room. Quality seating is a must for your guests to feel the care and consideration you have towards their experience. Custom hotel upholstery can help you achieve this level of customization and luxury!


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Restaurant bar upholstery {suburb}

Restaurant and Bar Upholstery

Durability is essential for restaurant and bar furnishings, so it’s important to consider how your furnishings will be used. Daily use will wear away at your furniture – high-quality pieces prevent this.

Seating is the most crucial furniture in a hospitality setting. You want guests to feel comfortable and relaxed when visiting your establishment. A&W upholstery services can ensure your seating is made to last while still exuding a luxurious feel.


Wall Upholstery and Upholstered Wall Panels

Are you looking for an extra piece for your space? Wall upholstery is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury that conventional paint and wallpapers can’t provide. With various customizable features, these upholstery pieces are perfect for any space.

Elevating your space is simple with our wall upholstery services. Whether you’re looking for something permanent with wall upholstery or something more flexible with upholstery panels – our team at A&W can help.


Wall upholstery panels {suburb}

Builders & Contractors

We’re your partner in delivering exactly what your most valued clients expect: quality custom furniture and upholstery, delivered on your schedule, and accurate to your exact specs.


We care as much about guest experience as you do. From booths and bar stools to lobby desks and special details, our custom hospitality furniture elevates your client’s brand with every interaction.


Bring your vision to life with custom furniture and upholstery. We collaborate with select designers to create one-of-a-kind pieces that take a room from stylish to spectacular.

We service Middle Tennessee, from Mount Pleasant to Nashville, and everywhere in between.

Chances are, you’ve seen our work.

We’ve spent more than 50 years building our reputation in Nashville and across the country. (We don’t like to brag, but our work has graced the pages Architectural Digest more than a few times).

The Fairlane Hotel
The Geist
The Henley
Old Glory
Vaquero (Dallas)
Park House (Dallas)
The Raddison (presidential suite)
Fat Bottom Brewery
Liberty Commons

Hilton Garden Inn (KVB)
The Hermitage Hotel
The Krebs (NY)
Church of the CIty
Las Palmas
The Sheraton
Edgehill Cafe
Whiskey Kitchen
Thistle Farms
Nashville Party Bardge

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