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Upholstery Fountain Heights, TN

Where Elegance Meets Comfort

If you can imagine it; we can create it.

Custom upholstery with A&W is a personalized, honest, and creative experience. Our knowledgeable and experienced team works with your vision and timeline to create elegant, comfortable furnishings, accessories, and accents that bring your space to life.

Curated Upholstery Services

When it comes to furnishings, every detail matters. Luxury, comfort, and elegance are guaranteed when you work with us. Our team at A&W is experienced in working with detailed pieces and have the skills and knowledge to create only the highest quality finished products.

Design Consultation

To start your project, we need to know your vision for the finished piece. From here, we can collaborate with you to bring that idea to life.

Creation Phase

Our team will begin by using high-quality materials to craft your pieces. From studs to leather, quality is woven into everything we create.


It’s time for your pieces to be installed – our team will take care of this. Storage, delivery, and installation is included in all our upholstery services.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Working with a family-owned and operated business is a unique experience. Our tight-knit team works around the clock to ensure all your upholstery pieces are carefully crafted to your specifications. Commercial clients benefit from a collaboration between our crafters and themselves to bring the design to life.

Customer satisfaction custom commercial upholstery Fountain Heights, TN


We know waiting isn’t easy! That’s why we deliver all designs as soon as possible so you can enjoy them in their new home.


Quality is an essential aspect of upholstery. At A&W, only the highest-quality materials are used to create durable and luxurious pieces.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Attention to detail is in our team's DNA. No detail is too small when it comes to high-quality designs.


Our team has over 50 years of experience crafting high-quality upholstery pieces for all our clients.

Delivery Service

Our streamlined delivery service removes the stress of transporting your finished pieces.

In House
Short-Term Storage

Don’t have the space for the piece right now? Keep it in our short-term storage facility and when you’re ready we can deliver.

Bring your design vision to life with our upholstery services. Get a free quote today!

Create Endless Upholstery Opportunities

Hotel Upholstery

High-quality finishings make your space feel luxurious. Your hotel can offer a personal and intimate experience that will make your guests return time and again.

In areas like the lobby, or in a function room, furniture is essential. High-quality seating will make your guests feel special. This luxury can be achieved by customizing hotel upholstery.


Hotel upholstery Fountain Heights, TN

Restaurant bar upholstery Fountain Heights, TN

Restaurant and Bar Upholstery

Durability is essential for restaurant and bar furnishings, so it’s important to consider how your furnishings will be used. Daily use will wear away at your furniture – high-quality pieces prevent this.

Seating is the most crucial furniture in a hospitality setting. You want guests to feel comfortable and relaxed when visiting your establishment. A&W upholstery services can ensure your seating is made to last while still exuding a luxurious feel.


Wall Upholstery and Upholstered Wall Panels

Are you looking for an extra piece for your space? Wall upholstery is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury that conventional paint and wallpapers can’t provide. With various customizable features, these upholstery pieces are perfect for any space.

Elevating your space is simple with our wall upholstery services. Whether you’re looking for something permanent with wall upholstery or something more flexible with upholstery panels – our team at A&W can help.


Wall upholstery panels Fountain Heights, TN

Refresh Your Space With Upholstery Pieces Today

When creating high-quality and durable upholstery pieces, it’s essential to consider every detail. Upholstery comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from a simple chair upholstery to a full restaurant seating seat to upholstered wall panels.

Whether you’re looking for a furnishing refresh, custom upholstery, or even reupholstered pieces – the team at A&W is here to help. With over 50 years of experience crafting and detailing furnishings, our team knows how to tailor every element to bring our clients’ dreams to reality.

Are you ready to refresh your space? Our upholstery services cover clients across Nashville and the broader TN area. Get a free quote below to get started.